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Digitise your shop and increase your visibility

Digitise your shop and increase your visibility

We are the app that will help your business to sale its products online.

Do you sell perishable food or own an establishment that could be classified in one of these categories: bakery, greengrocer, fishmonger or butcher? If you´re answer is yes, then ¡PocketMarket is for you!

If you would like to work with PocketMarket, the first thing that you should do is a subscription, where you will write your information about your business, such as the name,  e-mail, telephone, business type, city, zip code. Then, wait for the answer from our commercial team. 

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Tienda registro
Nombre del titular
Nombre del titular
Qué opción prefieres para tu tienda
Consentimiento RGPD: Doy mi consentimiento para recibir comunicaciones por correo electrónico. Entiendo que puedo optar por no participar en cualquier momento utilizando el enlace para cancelar la suscripción que se proporciona en todas las comunicaciones.

Aumenta tus ventas y vende online

Our Offer


€ / Per month
Sale Online
10 Catalog products
Prices management by PocketMarket
8% Comission per sale
Support by e-mail
Products import from Excel
5 Offers
No positioning
No marketing


€ / Per month
Sale Online
50 Catalog products
Prices management by the store
6% comission per each sale
Support by email and phone
Producto import from web page
10 Offers
Pickup and delivery

It is very simple to join in PocketMarket


You have two options:

  1. We are going to provide you with an Excel for the owner to fill in with the necessary information, after that, we take care of uploading the products.
  2. PocketMarket is responsible for collecting the information on the website and uploading the products.

You choose what you prefer, at PocketMarket we are at your disposal whenever you want.

PocketMarket helps you give visibility to your business and increase your sales, reaching a younger audience that has grown with technology in just one click. We look for local purchases and responsible consumption.

We guarantee reliability, so in the app you can track the rider until the delivery is confirmed.

You have two options:

BASIC: Register your store without cost in the app. You can upload up to 10 catalog products, the prices will be managed by PocketMarket with an 8% commission for each sale. Support will be given via mail, the import of products will be done from Excel and 5 offers will be offered. No positioning; without marketing and home delivery only.

PREMIUM: Monthly rate of €9.99/month. Online sale of 50 catalog products, prices will be managed by the store with a 6% commission for each sale. Support will be provided by email and telephone.

Products will be imported from the website, 10 offers will be offered. Positioning; marketing with Pickup and Delivery options.

The owner of the establishment will be in charge of preparing, handling and packaging the products. These must be safe for consumption, support their quality and above all store them hygienically.

The products must be labelled with their order number, with the PocketMarket seal, and also, with the corresponding allergen information to guarantee their consumption.

If you are the owner of a perishable product establishment, at PocketMarket we seek to ensure that all establishments comply with all the requirements of permits,such as:

  • Licenses
  • Registrations (including those related to the registration of food companies)
  • Approvals or necessary authorizations (“Permits”) of any relevant government person or authority in relation to your business.

Therefore, it is very important and necesary for us that these requirements are met to ensure the well-being of our customers.

The payment of the clients for the orders, will be kept in your name until it must be paid, every fifteen days we will provide you with an account statement that will include:

  • The sum of the Gross Order Value of all orders.
  • The Fees we are charging you. These may include amounts in relation to the ESTABLISHMENT or Product Charges, charges for Superior Positioning, Delivery Services or other services that we provide to you, or any other amounts that we have duly notified you of and that are charged to you in accordance with the Agreement of ESTABLISHMENT.
  • Any accumulated balance and any amounts paid or received by us since the date of the previous Account Statement.

We will pay you the amount specified as payable in the Statement of Account within 15 (fifteen) days following the day on which we provide you with a Statement of Account, by electronic transfer of funds to the bank account designated by you for this purpose.

Yes, we may display in the PocketMarket ordering channels both, ratings and comments (“Reviews”), provided by Customers with respect to the establishment or an order.

We will not be liable to you for any reviews, and we won`t be able to remove or edit any reviews, unless the reviews are defamatory or objectionable. We will only do so in accordance with applicable regulations

The contract is valid from the moment of its signing for an initial period of 6 (six) months, unless it is resolved before that period, in accordance with what is indicated in its terms. Subsequently, it will be automatically renewed for successive periods of 12 (twelve) months.

All notifications must be made in writing, via email, and in Spanish. Our team endeavours to all queries within agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement).